Q1.) Does the S-Box™ have a GFCI?

A1.) The S-Box™ undergoes comprehensive UL/ETL testing, ensuring full compliance with safety standards. These units come equipped with a cord and plug, specifically designed for direct connection to a GFI branch circuit. Notably, the S-Box™ features a built-in resettable surge protector (mini GFI) at the outlet, providing an additional layer of protection for enhanced safety.

Q2.) Is the S-Box™ waterproof?

A2.) The S-Box™ boasts a complete NEC (National Electric Code) 406.5 (E) splash rating, undergoing rigorous 1/2-gallon saline spill testing. It holds approval for wet use in kitchens, setting a standard for safety and reliability. Notably, the S-Box's™ smart USB technology stands as the sole fully wet-rated USB for pop-ups in the industry, showcasing unparalleled innovation and versatility.

Q3.) What are the major features that differentiate S-Box™ from all other pop-ups?

A3.) HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT! Setting a new standard in the industry, the S-Box™ stands out as the exclusive pop-up outlet that enables seamless concealment with a matching piece of your chosen countertop material—be it stone, wood, or glass. Crafted with precision, the S-Box™ features all-steel components and undergoes rigorous testing with an impressive 75,000 cycles. Proudly manufactured in the UK, it distinguishes itself greatly from the typical cheap plastic office furniture pop ups often produced in China or Vietnam. Our patented counterbalance mechanism ensures effortless non-powered operation through a simple press and release activation.

Q4.) How is this installed?

Q4.) Your fabricator will precision-cut a section of your chosen countertop material, milling it to a ½” (~12mm) thickness and securely affixing it atop the S-Box™. For detailed guidance regarding your countertop thickness and installation methods, we recommend downloading and reading the Product Data Sheet and Installation Guides for your model. The S-Box™ employs a gravity installation method. The unit’s low center of gravity and weight allows the unit to sit on the rebate securely without the need for adhesives or screws. This design not only facilitates effortless removal for cleaning but also ensures a seamless and hassle-free installation process.

Q5.) Our stone top is 1-1/4” thick. Will this work with the S-Box™?

A5.) Regardless of the material thickness, your fabricator will mill the cover piece to ½”, and create a recessed ledge in your countertop known as a rebate for the unit. This ledge will be positioned 20mm (~¾”) below the countertop surface, providing secure placement and proper fitment when installed. The S-Box™ is counterweighted to accommodate the standard weight of a ½” granite piece. Additionally, an extra weight kit is shipped with the unit, offering the flexibility to fine-tune the opening speed if necessary.

Q6.) Can the S-Box™ be installed on the side of a waterfall island?

A6.) The S-Box™ activates using our patented counterbalance and heavy-duty press and release latch. It can only work on a horizontal surface opening vertically, as gravity needs to pull down the counterbalance to open the unit.

Q7.) What is the difference between the 25W and 72W USB?

A7.) The 25W is suitable for charging phones, tablets, and smaller electronics. The S-Box™ utilizes an exclusive patented smart USB technology, establishing a digital handshake with your device. If you intend to use the space for laptops, which demand more power, the recommended choice is the 72W.

Q8.) What is the difference between the 15a and 20a models?

A8.) The primary difference between a 15-amp outlet and a 20-amp outlet lies in their electrical capacity. A 15-amp outlet is designed for circuits with a maximum load of 15 amps, suitable for general household appliances and electronics. On the other hand, a 20-amp outlet can handle a higher load of up to 20 amps, making it ideal for power-hungry devices and appliances that require more electrical current. In practical terms, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the circuit and the devices it will power. It is a great idea to speak with your electrician if you are unsure, but note both units are code compliant. A 15a outlet will power all of your typical residential appliances and electronics.