Possible FAQ's Concerning S-Box Pop-Up Units
Q1.) Are the units, once installed, Designed to be slightly loose in their slots, or are they supposed to be anchored down somehow?
A1.) Due to the design of the S-Box ™, there is no need to anchor the unit down. The unit is naturally bottom heavy! That paired with the help of gravity allow the unit to sit snug in it's new home in your countertop!
Q.2) There were two trim rectangular pieces included with the unit, one is black and is smaller and the other is stainless steel color and is bigger. Are these supposed to be used together? And if so are they designed to be just dropped into the slot and fit loose, or are they supposed to be anchored or glued down somehow?
A2.) The black insert is the "moat" and sits around the pop up itself. It has two cutouts for the hardware on the back of the pop up portion, so you can tell which orientation to slide it on. It will float in its area, and does not need to be secured. The stainless piece is a trim ring, and sits on the collar of the outside of the unit incase you would rather have a stainless trim ring if not rebated. It will be glued on to make sure it stays put!
Q3.) How water resistant are the units in case moisture gets spilled near or around the unit(s) once fully installed? Should there be some type of insulation or neoprene membrane put in the slot or around the unit(s) to keep moisture from getting down the slots / holes?
A3.) Each unit is splash rated, and designed to handle any and all kitchen mishaps! The design of the unit directs water away from the outlet itself, giving it an extra level of safe!
Q4.) is it possible to go too far when using the internal catch's male ball adjustment so that the internal catch no longer works?
A4.) The internal catch and ball system allows for adjustments to fine tune the travel of the unit to latch. While we have never experienced a failure of the catch due to an over-adjusted ball, we do not advise to use excess force to engage/disengage the catch. The counterweighted design makes it super easy to engage and disengage, allowing for an easy time adjusting the ball to the proper height.
Q5.) What is the maximum / minimum / recommended thickness of the countertop material that will be installed on top of the unit?
A5.) The maximum recommended thickness of the countertop material is 12mm (see our 2 ways to install!) and the minimum would be however small you would like! It's all according to how you install the unit.