Working with Dekton Surfaces

Dekton is a very interesting surface. "It is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very latest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces." The future is here!

But are man made stones a viable option for someone looking to redo their kitchen? Yes. Very much so! And you can still utilize the functionality of an S-Box with a Dekton surface!

Many people LOVE the chameleon abilities of the S-Box, and so do we! But how would you be able to rebate and mill a Dekton surface to accept an S-Box with a custom Dekton top? Very simple solution, a false rebate! By choosing Dekton's 12mm top, you get all the strength of the Dekton surface, and retain the ability to install a hidden S-Box

What is a false rebate? A false rebate is essentially adding material underneath whichever surface you're working with (surface has to be 12mm for false rebate) to act as a shelf for the S-Box to sit on! Therefore, you simply just have to cut a hole for the S-Box the same way you would for a sink! No milling needed, and still allows you to use a custom top to blend the S-Box in!

Here is a great article from Dekton's website regarding working with Dekton as a surface. Give it a read! 

Working with Dekton

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