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30+ Latest Kitchen Trends Dominating 2023, According to Design Pros

Look for statement lighting, creative cabinetry and a surge of bright colors.

Headshot of Alyssa Gautieri BY ALYSSA GAUTIERI 

Considered the heart of the home, the kitchen is where you cook and enjoy most of your meals — but, it's also a gathering space for family. When designing your dream kitchen, it's important to balance timeless features with playful colors, patterns and textures that reflect your personality and design aesthetic. We've seen big trends and styles already defining 2023 (think trending paint colors, wood cabinetry and sustainability). Since interior design trends are ever-changing, we tapped interior designers and kitchen experts to share their top kitchen trends for 2023.

You may not want to completely remodel your space every year, but that doesn't mean there aren't creative ways to keep your cooking space feeling fresh and modern. For kitchen countertops, the pros note that both natural and expressive stones will continue to be top picks. For kitchen colors, they're loving dusty greens and blues, as well as soft hues like terracotta, natural browns and creamy whites. We're seeing designers experiment with bolder choices like mixed metals, high-contrast color palettes, double islands and overstated cabinet hardware.

Swap out your backsplash tile (dare we suggest something vibrant), add a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen island or layer in handmade artisan details — all of which can be completed in a few hours. As much as we love a current trend, we'll leave you with this message from interior designer Kate Lester: "Focus more on what the space needs and less on what is 'trending.' Doing what’s best for your space never goes out of style!"

kitchen trends 2023 minimal upper cabientsANICE HOACHLANDER

No Upper Cabinets

"We’ve been minimizing upper cabinets or having none at all. We’re doing a lot of designs where the tall or upper cabinets are confined to one wall or one portion of the kitchen, so we can keep the rest clean and light-filled." — Ellen Hatton, principal at BVA BarnesVanze Architects


kitchen trends 2023 high contrastJENN VERRIER

High Contrast

"While all-white kitchens will always be in style, we're seeing a shift away from the monochrome look in favor of mixed materials and pops of high-contrast paint applications. The core of the classic white kitchen remains, but black painted or ebony stained finishes are showing up in a big way." — Erika Jayne Chaudhuri, interior designer

kitchen trends double islandsSUB-ZERO, WOLF AND COVE

Double Islands

"Traditional kitchens are evolving and expanding. There will be larger – and even double – kitchen islands integrated to accommodate for larger entertaining and gathering space in the kitchen." — Hilary Matt on behalf of Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove


kitchen trends 2023 wood paneling ceilingJOHN GRANEN

Wood Paneling

"We love wood paneled ceilings, especially when we can combine it with bright colors or deeper wood tones. On tall and vaulted ceilings, it creates drama and warmth as well as a natural connection to the outdoors." — Anna Popov, Interiors by Popov



Butcher-Block Islands

"A butcher-block island is not only stylish, but incredibly functional and durable. We love using walnut as the primary material for a butcher-block island, as it really warms the space. For added functionality, use a butcher-block island that has a mini fridge for extra storage space and plenty of cabinets where you can keep larger appliances hidden." — Alice Arterberry, Arterberry Cooke


kitchens with bold cabinetsVIRTUALLY HERE STUDIOS

Creative Cabinetry

"For me, one of the keys to great design is when a client and a designer have the trust to take a risk together and choose a kitchen cabinet color or patterned tile that is bold and unexpected. This year, we will see even more bold cabinet color choices, mixed with other interesting and unique finishes." — Kirsten Blazek, A1000XBetter



Marble Slab Backsplashes

"Subway tile backsplashes are starting to look dated, and we are seeing a big shift toward marble slab backsplashes — which add drama and depth to the kitchen. Not only is it easier to clean than tile, a marble backsplash and countertop sets the tone for the entire space and makes a big statement." — Danny Spears, Captex Construction


kitchen trends 2023, metalworkCOURTESY OF CHRISTOPHER PEACOCK

Overstated Hardware

"We are integrating metalwork onto drawers, doors and shelving. Also, dark colors and mixed materials are still really popular, which adds sophistication to the room." — Christopher Peacock, CEO and founder of Christopher Peacock Cabinetry

kitchen trends 2023 painted floorsBRET GUM

Hand-Painted Floors

"Hand-painted floors have a fresh, bespoke farmhouse feeling for today's interiors. Warmer than tile, they also age naturally, allowing the use of color and pattern in any space. They look especially right in the kitchen or hallway." — Julia Chasman, interior designer


kitchen trends 2023 modern shaker cabinetsCHRISTY KOSNIC

Modern Shaker Cabinets

"A thinner style on cabinet doors adds depth and character without the heaviness of the traditional shaker door. It also adds detail to the universal and sometimes bland slab door." — Sarah Snouffer, Third Street Architecture



Brights Mixed With Woods

"There will be more unexpected hues for cabinetry. We have seen a lot of saturated, bright colors in 2022, and I believe we will still see color but lighter and chalkier shades and definitely mixed with woods." — Caren Rideau, founder of The Kitchen Design Group


white kitchen with blue islandLAUREN PRESSEY

Painted Islands

"The all-white kitchen may be out, but what about homeowners who want to update their existing space without a gut job? One of the best ways to inject color into the kitchen is to paint the island base. It instantly activates a sterile-looking space and doesn’t require construction." — Mary Beth Christopher, MBC Interior Design

neutral kitchen with marble counters and islandPHOTO BY STEVEN DEWALL

Swaths of Stone

"While stone in kitchen spaces is a long-standing tradition, more and more kitchens are making a point of featuring natural stone as a central component of beauty. Dramatic stones used widely throughout the kitchen space and marble waterfall islands that highlight the beauty of the material are becoming increasingly popular design choices." — Sarah Barnard, interior designer


colorful cabinets with marble backsplashREFORM

Bold Choices

“We expect to see a trend toward a more brave mix of different styles. We will see strong colors, expressive stones — such as calacatta viola marble — and untraditional combinations of different materials.” — Jeppe Christensen, founder and CEO of Reform



Wood Cabinetry

"Keep it current by mixing wood and painted cabinets, and embracing natural wood grain and tone rather than selecting glossy varnish and heavy stain. I love an island in wood with the perimeter cabinetry painted, or a wooden hutch-style upper cabinet that rests on the counters." — Sarah Fischer, Sarah and Sons Interiors


white kitchen with drawersAARON DOUGHERTY PHOTOGRAPHY

Lower Kitchen Drawers

"Kitchens with loads of lower drawers, instead of cabinets, are on the rise. Drawers glide out easily, and can store so much. Bending down, getting on your knees and holding a flashlight is no longer a necessity. Plus, extra large cabinet hardware is the icing on the cake in any kitchen — don't skimp or skip on this must-have." — Ruthie Staalsen, interior designer



Mixed Metals

"We’re going to see a lot more blending of different finishes in the kitchen: Brass, bronze, stainless, nickel and more. By mixing finishes, you get a visually rich, incredibly inviting look." — Tiffani Baumgart, interior designer


kitchen trends 2023 stone slabsPHOTO COURTESY OF ARTISTIC TILE

Stone Slabs

"Stone slabs are dominating backsplashes from the countertop to the ceiling, cascading to the floor in waterfall edges and wrapping around islands. It’s an exciting development, as these stones are so unique and beautiful, and truly enhance these spaces as the basic neutrals they replace never could." — Nancy Epstein, founder of Artistic Tile



Secondary Kitchen Spaces

"A kitchen design trend we are seeing in 2023 is sculleries. Homeowners who are in need of additional space will love this trend. A scullery acts as secondary kitchen storage — space for food prep, hidden coffee nooks and so much more." — Emma Beryl Kemper, interior designer


green kitchen cabinetsRYAN GARVIN

Blue and Green Kitchens

"Shades of blues with more green undertones are a refreshing change. It immediately creates a wow factor, adds interest and provides contrast. Deep hues always give a classic feel that never feels overly trendy." — Kate Lester, interior designer


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