The ULTIMATE Kitchen Trends Report for 2022 ( & Budgets …)

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Kitchen Trends 2022 ( & Budgets …)


When it comes to giving your kitchen the attention it deserves, knowing about the trends that are swiping across the industry is very important.

Major innovations have been witnessed over the past few years, changing the kitchen and the home in general.

The trends of 2022 have turned the kitchen into a more colorful and luxurious space that’s more exciting for the family.

The kitchen trends 2022 have transformed the heart of the home into a more organized, colorful, and functional space while reflecting personalized tastes and beautiful collections.

With this, cooking has become easier and faster, the kitchen has become homey and its purpose extended beyond food preparation and cooking.     

The Ultimate 2022 Kitchen Trends Report

More people are appreciating the importance of the modern kitchen when it comes to the overall comfort of their homes.

This has seen an upsurge of kitchen remodel projects in the past few years with many spending between $5,000 and $45,000. Both minor and major kitchen remodel projects have been undertaken, covering small and large kitchens as well.

In these projects, homeowners are upgrading different features including faucets, lighting fixtures, countertops, flooring, sinks, and backsplash among others.    

The new trends include fixtures, finishes, appliances, and colors, all aimed at making homes more functional, smart, and colorful.

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or building a new one from scratch, taking into consideration these new trends could help increase the value of your home while at the same time making it a comfortable place to be in.

As these trends become more common, hygiene and functionality are at the heart of everything and, needless to say, you can achieve these without spending too much money.

The new trends are also helping create more space in the kitchen and improve the organization of the kitchen for better safety. 

As you remodel or upgrade your kitchen, there are several things you may need to concentrate on in order to achieve the best outcome.

The current trends cover kitchen colors and style combinations, backsplashes, cabinetry, a kitchen office, smart appliances, storage, and organization among others.

In this post, we will be looking briefly at some of these to help you get going. 

Kitchen Smart Appliances

kitchen smart appliances

The kitchen has not been left behind when it comes to technological advancements.

The wave of kitchen smart appliances has seen the introduction of unbelievable features which are meant to enhance functionality, safety and cut down on time spent cooking and preparing foods.

You can now control your kitchen appliances using apps and Bluetooth, and this covers almost everything ranging from refrigerators to food processors.

When it comes to Bluetooth controls, you can control your cooking from a distance using Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, for example, or cook smartly with the Smart Wifi Instant Pot. 

Estimated Budget

The estimated budget for smart kitchen appliances would range between $100 and $3,500 depending on what you are looking for. 

Connecting With the Outdoors

connecting with the outdoors

You can connect with the outdoors right from the comfort of your kitchen. The latest kitchen trends allow homeowners to do this by building spacious kitchen windows facing the garden space.

This makes for an amazing contemporary kitchen where you can easily breathe in the fresh air as you prepare your food or clean your dishes.

The window can strategically be installed above the kitchen sink and the countertops but be clear enough for enhanced visibility.

This not only allows you to connect with the outdoors but also enhances lighting during the day for a brighter kitchen space. You can use either window roller shades, window curtains, or window blinds.   

Estimated Budget

The estimated budget for this would range between $300 and $1,200.

Dutch Kitchen Door

dutch kitchen door

You can double the charm of your kitchen with a Dutch kitchen door. The doors are becoming trendy and come in handy as they allow you to keep the animals outside while letting the fresh air in.

There are different charming designs to choose from and these can be used either on the interior or exterior.

These doors can be made from different materials including hardwood, steel, or aluminum among other materials. You can then paint the door to match the other features in your kitchen.

Estimated Budget

The estimated cost for the Dutch kitchen door would range between $235 and $1,800.

Open Cabinet

open cabinet

Open cabinets are really trendy, and over the past few years, they’ve been a darling for many remodeling projects.

The storage installation offers an easy and cheerful feel to the kitchen space while at the same time offering you an entertaining way to parade your perfectly selected glasses, cookware, and bowls.

You do not have to install multiple open cabinets-even a single one could create a wow factor. This can be combined with other installations. You can even use distressed wood for a better outcome.

To achieve maximum effect, just make sure to match the open shelves with the backsplash as you perfectly balance functionality and form.

Estimated Budget

The estimated budget for the open cabinet could range from as low as $100 up to $1,100 based on what you want to achieve.

Fumed Wood Flooring – Stronger Color & Grain

fumed wood flooring

While wood flooring is an amazing concept when you want to remodel your kitchen, fumed hardwood flooring will take your project to a whole new level.

The beauty of fumed wood flooring is unsurprisingly noticeable, and this has become a trend in 2022. The fuming process creates a natural-looking floor that’s beautiful without staining it.

If you want a splash of color on your floor with perfectly distributed contrast on the wood planks, this is the kind of floor to consider as you remodel your kitchen.

As you consider fumed wood flooring, you will have a wide range of planks to pick from, and this can match your interior decoration perfectly.

Estimated Budget

The cost for fumed wood flooring would range between $3 and $10 per square foot.

Decorative Exhaust Hood

decorative exhaust hood

You must have witnessed this trend, and there’s no doubt you love what you see. Decorative exhaust hoods offer more than functionality as they become the focal point in the kitchen.

As you remodel your kitchen, thinking of an exhaust hood would really come in handy as they are truly eye-catching and a masterpiece in any home.

The hoods come in different colors and are also made from different types of metal including stainless steel, brass, blackened steel, and copper, among others.

You can never get it wrong with the decorative exhaust hoods as they help clear the smoke while adding to the décor of your home.

Estimated Budget

The cost estimate for decorative exhaust hoods ranges between $500 and $1,000.

Island With Sitting Area for Family and Guests

island with sitting area for family and guests

An island that comes with seating is undoubtedly an important feature to consider when remodeling or building your kitchen.

This calls for you to divide your kitchen floor plan so as to define the living and cooking areas while directing the passage out of the workspace.

There are different island designs to consider, and the best one could include features such as a food preparation area, additional storage, a special occasion entertainment space, and daily meal service as well.

Your family and guests can have conversations and socialize while you prepare and cook food without feeling isolated. A perfectly designed and the positioned island is a core part of any kitchen plan. 

Estimated Budget

The budget for the island installation could range between $500 and $15,000.

Curved Cupboards

curved cupboards

A simple break from the normal when building your kitchen cupboards can be a real game-changer. While regular cupboards have featured in many kitchens over the years, curved cupboards have recently become a trend.

Curves have a way of adding visual interest, grace and softening the artistic lines of your kitchen design. Curved cupboards can be added to both small and large kitchens to create an illusion.

You can have your cupboards painted with different colors that match your other features. They can also be designed on the island, breakfast bars, and kitchen tables to create an attractive focal point. 

They also work great in open plan areas to create a relaxed feel.

Estimated Budget

The budget estimate for curved cupboards could range between $500 and $1,200 per linear ft.

Built-in Range Hood

built in range hood

If you have an island range hood or a traditional chimney and want to upgrade, then a built-in range hood is a sure bet to consider.

The hoods offer a truly unique design and open sightlines which make them not only functional but also stylish for the kitchen.

The built-in range hoods have options that allow them to be hidden behind your beautiful cabinetry, in the ceiling, or inside an exceptionally custom enclosure while offering best-in-category effectiveness.

The hoods can blend perfectly well with your other kitchen installations and décor for a fine finish. They come in different shapes, shades, and materials to give you a variety of options to work with.

Estimated Budget

The budget estimate for a built-in range hood is between $350 and $600

Colorful Kitchen Island

colorful kitchen island

Whether remodeling or building a new home, adding a colorful kitchen island can make for a spectacular transformation to your design scheme while boosting usability.

The additions are adaptable and have become a common trend in 2022, especially for larger kitchens with open-plan spaces.

These beautiful installations can be used to house appliances and the kitchen sink thus bringing multiple practical benefits to your kitchen. They also add character to your kitchen design while adding a splash of color to your space.

Different materials can be used on the island including quartz, granite, and marble which means you can play around with your color scheme to blend well with everything else.

Estimated Budget

The estimated cost for a colorful kitchen island ranges between $3,000 and $5,000.

Brightly Colored Cabinets

brightly colored cabinets

Bright-colored kitchen cabinets play an important role in the overall look and feel of the kitchen space.

Whether you opt for bright and bold colors or warm and welcoming neutrals, the results will always be amazing especially if you can blend them well with other features in your space.

The traditional cabinet colors are quickly giving way to bold and dramatic shades thus spicing things up for homeowners.

While it may be a little bit challenging to settle on a particular color considering the multiple purposes that the kitchen serves, the latest trends can help you make a decision.

Some of the trending bright kitchen cabinet colors include ocean blue, earthy greens, and Ccheery citrus colors, among others. Your color choice can be informed by other features in the kitchen, especially those that are focal and imposing.

Estimated Budget

The average cost for painting your cabinets could range between $3 to $10 per sq ft for paint, and you could save even more money if you opt for a DIY project.

Gray and White Color Combinations

gray and white color combinations

The traditional and timeless white kitchen cabinets are swiftly embracing a blend of the trendy elegance of gray.

This combination is a sure way to give your kitchen a head-turning allure while exuding remarkable elegance.

If you already have white cabinets in your kitchen, adding a splash of gray is a sure way of transforming it and breathing an air of modernity into your space. This doesn’t have to be costly, especially as a DIY project.

Estimated Budget

The estimated cost ranges between $3 to $10 per sq ft for paint or $30 to $60 per linear ft for materials and labor.

Marble Countertops

marble countertops

Marble countertops are timeless and classic, and their trend never wears out. Adding a marble countertop to your kitchen can add a tinge of luxury to your space.

Marble stone is a huge advantage, especially for kitchen and food preparation areas, and the thick and thin veins that come in different shades and colors can introduce a lush look to the kitchen.

Enjoy the magic and twist with a honed finish, polished finish, or leathered finish which you can choose based on your needs.

Estimated Budget

The estimated cost for marble countertops ranges between $40 and $100 per sq foot.

Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting trends that we’ve witnessed as of late are colorful, stylish, and imaginative compared to their predecessors.

The lighting has been created to not only be aesthetically appealing but to also be functional, something every great lighting design should offer.

There’s a wide array of options to consider including hanging pendants, retro lighting, and chandeliers, among others. 

Estimated Budget

The estimated budget for this could range between $150 and $2,200.

Curved Island

curved island

Curved islands have been trending in 2022 and there’s a good reason for this. The islands are ideal for people seeking to make judicial use of the kitchen space while adding an architectural splendor.

Not only do these islands offer great space management but they also provide a great seating arrangement that’s ideal for small and larger kitchens alike.

You can use different materials and color combinations to spice up your décor and capture your design imagination.

Estimated Budget

The estimated budget for curved islands ranges between $3,000 and $5,000.

Two-tone Color

two tone color kitchen

Two-tone color ideas are a huge trend today not only in the kitchen but also in other rooms within a home. The trend is effortlessly stylish and can be recreated in any kitchen layout or space to infuse a statement look.

You can opt for a contrasting color selection or tonal shading as you introduce this amazing trend into your kitchen.

The two-color tones can feature distinctly different colors or the same color but with a diverse tonal palette. This can either be on the walls or cabinet doors.

Estimated Budget

The budget estimate for two-tone paint is between $3 and $4 per sq foot.

Kitchen Wallpaper

kitchen wallpaper

You can use wallpaper to create an out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere of comfort in your kitchen. The use of wallpaper provides you with a wide array of patterns and color combinations that you can enjoy as you clothe your walls.

There are varieties of charming designs for an elegant-looking outcome which gives you the power to say goodbye to painted walls.

The advancement in technology means you can choose from a wide collection of patterns imitating nature, marble effects, subtleties of geometry, and floristry triumphs, among others.  

Estimated Budget

An estimated budget for wallpaper installation could range between $1 and $3 per sq foot on average.

Wood Kitchen Cabinetry

wood kitchen cabinetry

Wood kitchen cabinets have made a comeback, and this has become a trend that homeowners can’t ignore in remodeling and new projects alike.

The trend has been inspired greatly by the use of wooden finishes over the years, and the natural look and feel are really adding to a relaxed mood in the home.

The new trend has seen a shift toward distinctive storage inside cabinets including blending pantries and corner pantries. Solid wood kitchen cabinetry is durable and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Estimated Budget

The Estimated budget for this is between $100 and $1,300 per linear foot.

Hidden Kitchen Appliance Storage

hidden kitchen appliance storage

Hidden kitchen appliance storage is a sure cure for your chronic storage shortage in many homes. The trend has been picking up momentum. It allows you to store your appliances safely and away from the countertops and cabinets.

Appliance storage is ideal for decluttering your kitchen while at the same time making sure your kitchen looks organized and less crowded.

You can tuck away your toasters, coffee machine, and other countertop appliances.

Estimated Budget   

The estimated budget for hidden kitchen appliance storage could range between $400 and $3,500.


These trends are taking root in both new constructions and remodeling projects. You can implement them in your next project based on your needs.

The best thing, however, is to plan your project and make sure that everything within the kitchen matches well in order to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.



Wow! What a plethora of great ideas on current styles. Hopefully this helps you make a big decision on the path you want your kitchen to take! Happy renovating!

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