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The S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet: Seamlessly Elevate Your Kitchen Experience

In the ever-evolving realm of kitchen design, the S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet emerges as a game-changer, marrying aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality. Let's delve into the multiple benefits that make this innovative solution a must-have for every modern kitchen.


1. Seamless Integration with your Countertop: The S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet goes beyond the ordinary by utilizing it's ability to conceal itself with a piece of your countertop. This not only ensures a harmonious visual appeal but also adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen space.


2. Code Compliance at Its Core: Elevate your kitchen with confidence, knowing that the S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet is designed with strict adherence to electrical codes. UL Listed (E359914) and compliant with code safety regulations, it provides peace of mind without compromising on style.


3. Robust Construction with Steel: Crafted with durability in mind, the S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet boasts a robust construction made of steel. This ensures longevity and resilience, making it a reliable choice for the demands of a bustling kitchen. Paired with a set of heavy duty slides tested to over 75,000 cycles, and powered by gravity, this unit will never let you down!


4. Splash-Rated for Added Safety: In a kitchen where spills and splashes are inevitable, the S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet takes the lead with its splash-rated design. This feature enhances safety, preventing potential electrical hazards and ensuring a secure cooking environment. UL962A + NEC 2 litre (1⁄2 Gallon) Saline Liquid Test 406.5 (E)


5. GFCI Protection for Your Peace of Mind: Safety takes precedence in your home, and the S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet is as safe as they come. The first layer comes from being plugged into a (GFCI) protected outlet, but it also utilizes a built in resettable surge protector switch as an extra layer of safety, automatically shutting off power in the event of a ground fault.


6. USB Type A and C Compatibility: Keeping up with the demands of modern connectivity, the S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet includes our patented SMART USB Type A and C compatibility. Charge your devices intelligently and conveniently, eliminating the need for bulky adapters and enhancing the functionality of your kitchen space. 


Elevate Your Kitchen Experience:

The S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet transcends the ordinary, offering a perfect blend of form and function. From its seamless integration with stone countertops to its robust steel construction, splash-rated design, and advanced safety features, this innovative solution is a testament to the evolution of kitchen technology. Upgrade your kitchen experience with the S-Box™ Pop-Up Outlet — where style meets unparalleled functionality, while Hidden in Plain Sight!

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